Build Rwanda was established in April 2012 as a social enterprise and now that it is 17 months old and self-sufficient is it time to expand?

We started with just Rwandan Arts and crafts and have developed over those 17 months into a business that supports cooperatives in a variety of countries from Peru to Bangladesh and we feel it is time to start supporting more UK based companies. We have already started this by stocking Bim’s Kitchen African inspired sauces, Filberts Fine Foods, Wee Fudge Company, Roasterb Coffee but to mention a few.

We are currently in talks with several other UK based producers and hope to have some new and exciting products to offer our customers.


Build Rwanda continues to support educational projects with profits from the business and we are proud to be part of Faith and Hope school and Fruits of Hope Academy. One of our major plans is to offer a volunteer experience for those who wish to travel to Rwanda to help make a difference.

Build Rwanda is in talks with a specialist in this field and hopes to secure them as our exclusive project coordinator to help promote and manage the project.

The project will be for those who want to experience Rwanda and take part in promoting Faith and Hope School’s educational development. This will include working closely with the teachers helping them to develop good teaching practice and enhance their English skills. Each volunteer will have the opportunity to work within classrooms with children of all ages and abilities.

As this is a new venture for us we would be interested in hearing your thoughts on what would make a good volunteer trip for you?

What would you want to get from it?

What do expect the organiser to do for you?

How long would you like to spend in the country?

What type of accommodation is acceptable for this type of trip?

Would you like to have a recreational trip as part of the visit?

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