Hand Made organic Peruvian Dolls








Hello we are Quchu, Runakay and Rumiñawi and we come from Peru. We would like to share with you how we are made.

First we start life in the Juanjui organic cotton fields of Peru where great care is taken preparing the fields for the seeds that will grow our cotton.

After 6 weeks or so the cotton is ready to be picked by hand,


The cotton is then taken to San Antonio where it is spun by hand using a Pushka once this has been completed the yarn is then spun again by hand.

The yarn then has to be dyed and because we are Organic they use only plant dyes. Many different types of Peruvian plants are used like Nogal ( A walnut)

The yarns are then given a bath in the natural dyes which gives them our lovely colours.

But before they can be used to make us they have to be washed again and then dried natural in the sunshine and warm winds of Peru.

The yarn is now ready to make us. We are just a small part of the Aslli family and our manufacture helps to support many families in Peru.

My name RUNAKAY comes from the Quechua dialect, and means HUMAN NATURE and along with my friends I am available from the store


So we are made from all organic products and are safe for children of all ages. Here are our ingredients.

Yarns, very soft to the tact.

Made with organic cotton yarns.

Naturally dyed or IMO – GOTS certified dyestuffs of Huntsman – Switzerland.

Hand knitted by people in disadvantage.

Fair wages and good working conditions, aligned with the fair trade code.

Organic cotton with polyester stuffing.

Details embroidered with the same yarn.

Non toxic toys.


Lasting toys.

Easy to wash and dry.

Suitable from birth.

Weight 80 g.

Height 30 cm. / 11.80 inch

Width 20 cm. / 7.87 inch

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